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Know About Bizz Food Technologies

We are a leading Food Processing and Conveying Technology Company which offers the finest quality food processing equipment. We use the most coming-of-age technologies to meet the growing demands of the food processing industry. We provide top grade potato processing equipment to a plethora of potato chips manufacturing units. We also offer Indian ethnic snack processing and frying machines, as well as 2D/3D snack pellet processing and frying machine.

Our equipment epitomizes the finest quality and ensures the best-finished products. We take care of the specific needs of our clients and provide them customizable equipment and round the clock support. We pay a great amount of attention to the quality of our products to make sure that the best end products reach the plates of people.We cater to the needs of various high-profile clients across the country. Our loyal clientele touts us as the best Food Processing and Conveying Technology Company in the industry.

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About us

Bizz Food Technologies is a renowned Food Processing and Conveying Technology Company that has been actively working in the food processing industry. Being a part of food processing industry for the past 15 years, we are aware of the problems faced by the processors and so we provide solutions which are efficient and maintainance free.
We offer high-standard food processing equipment to various leading companies that manufacture Indian snacks and other food items.


Our Team

We are a team of young leaders who hold great prowess in snack processing. Our skills paired with 30 years.

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Our Strength

Our strength lies in the team of adroit employees.They work with complete dedication and devotion.

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Our Mission

We offer cost-effective solutions to our customers with minimum capital investment.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to see ourselves as the best Food Processing and Conveying Technology Company in the country.

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Our Gallery

At Bizz Food Technologies, we also make available conveying systems, distribution systems and also, aid turnkey projects.


We manufacture a wide array of products for the food processing industry.

Potato processing equipment

Our potato processing equipment is used by many potato chips manufacturing units across the country.

Ethnic Indian snacks processing equipment

We have many products in our Ethnic Indian snacks frying line. These snack processing units are used to produce various staple Indian snacks.

2D/3D snack pellet frying equipment

The 2D and 3D snack pellet frying equipment provided by us can be used in the production of rice, corn, as well as potato, based pellet in beautiful 2D and 3D shapes.

Extruded snacks frying line equipment

The products in this line are used in manufacturing various types of extruded snacks. These products are used extensively by snack producing units across the country.

Fruits and vegetable processing

The demand for food and vegetable processing units is on the rise. We also cater to the needs of the segment of the food processing industry dealing with fruits and vegetable processing.


Complete Food Solutions. Ready to Help you with Whatever you Need.

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